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Frequently Asked Questions

If I lost weight, would it make a difference in my high blood pressure or the medication I take to treat it?

A: Yes, weight loss actually helps reduce high blood pressure – sometimes to a level where you could reduce or even eliminate your blood pressure medication entirely.

I have diabetes. Can losing weight lower my blood sugar?

A: Yes, losing weight can lower your blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes. Just 100% weight loss can greatly affect your blood sugar and possibly even minimize your use of diabetic medications.

Can I reduce high cholesterol by losing weight?

A: Yes, you can boost your chances of lowering your cholesterol with a three-pong approach: modify your fat intake, exercise regularly and lose weight.

Can being overweight make me more susceptible to cancer?

A: It can increase your risk for many different cancers, including colon, breast and endometrial cancer.

Could my excess weight be the reason I’ve been unsuccessful in getting pregnant?

A: Possible. A woman’s weight can sometimes affect her fertility.

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, which causes me to snore a lot and sometimes stop breathing during sleep. Will it help if I lose weight?

A: For those with sleep apnea, even modest weight reduction may alleviate the need for long-term therapy or upper-airway surgery.

Is my excess weight ruining my joints?

A: It’s difficult for the natural cushions in our joints to withstand extra body weight. Losing weight can reduce the wear body weight. Losing weight can reduce the wear and tear on your joints.

I suffer from a lot of back problems. Would losing weight alleviate the pain?

A: If you carry most of your “extra pounds” around your abdomen, this can put excess stress on your back muscles can greatly relieve your discomfort.

If I’m overweight, does that increase my risk for developing heart disease?

A: Yes, being overweight greatly increases your risk for heart disease.

How can I get started on a weight loss program?

A: Call us for help. We offer a comprehensive program with an expert team of weight management professionals to help you achieve your individual goals. Our “how to” educational approach teaches you about planning and preparing balanced, healthful meals, dealing effectively with the stresses of weight management, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, preventing relapses and more. Plus, we offer your personalized support for that extra dose of motivation and encouragement.

About the Medical Weight Loss Health Center

What can I expect from my first visit to the Medical Weight Loss Health Center?

A: You will undergo a body composition analysis that will determine a lot about how quickly you will be able to lose weight. That will be followed by a consultation with a doctor, who will discuss your medical history, any medications you may be taking, and ask questions related to your weight-loss goals and challenges. These are all important steps to getting to know everything we need to know about you in order to develop the most effective program specifically designed for you.

How much will it the medical weight loss program cost?

A: We not only customize programs to suit each patient’s individual medical and behavioral needs, we can develop a weight loss program that fits your budget, too. Prices start at just $65 per month.

Once I lose the weight, how will I be able to keep it off?

A: Weight maintenance is as much a part of our program as weight loss is. Throughout the process, we discuss behavioral changes to help you develop a healthy lifestyle for a healthy body.

Are there other health benefits to the program besides weight loss?

A: Absolutely. Our programs have been associated with helping to treat other medical conditions as well, including: high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also alleviate other conditions including arthritis, sleep apnea, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Where is a Medical Weight Loss Health Center near me?

A: Our weight loss center is located in Fontana.