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Aug 25

Make the decision, then do something

Make the decision, then do something no matter how small toward accomplishing what you want.

Most of us are creatures of habit. We buy the same foods from the same grocery store, prepare the same recipes over and over, and live within our own familiar routines. But if you’re serious about eating healthier and losing weight, you need to shake it up, change those bad eating habits, and start thinking differently about your diet and lifestyle!

The problem is that we get so comfortable in our ways that it’s hard to give up those old habits.

We’re here to help! Listed below is a short list to foods to eat and foods to avoid.

Eating a healthier diet may be intimidating at first. But once you see for yourself how good it makes you feel—and how good healthy food can taste—you have a better chance of succeeding. Over time, your preferences will change and cravings for bad-for-you foods will fade away!

Foods to Eat

When selecting what foods to eat on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to make healthy choices. Below is a list of foods that you should incorporate into your diets every day to stay healthy and optimize your system!

Fibrous fruit (apples, peaches, pears, plums)
All vegetables
Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans)
Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
Hard boiled eggs up to 3 times a day, only one yolk
Chicken, fish and turkey
Have 50 grams of protein daily
One small apple per day
Up to a cup of berries daily
Half a cup of nuts daily
Salads and leafy greens up to 3 cups daily
If you like cucumbers, eat as many as you want. Try either Persian or English ones.

Food to Avoid

Avoiding the wrong foods is just as important as eating the right ones. Below is a list of foods that you should do your best to avoid. They have been proven cause weight gain and many of them have other adverse health effects that they are associated with.

White processed flour
White bread
White rice
White potato
Juice (store bought), Soda, Sports Drinks, Alcohol (including beer and wine)
Candies, Cookies, Pastries, Donuts
Diary (cheese, ice cream, milk)
Salad Dressing
Puffed Grain Cereal
Pancakes, Waffles & Syrup
Canned Fruit
Dried Fruit (especially bright colors on dried fruit. It means it has been sprayed with sulfates)
Sugar or sugar based foods, eliminate out of your diet
Foods that contain high Potassium/Sodium levels

Stay Healthy!

Your Medical Weight Loss Clinic Team